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Introduction About My Dad

My Dad is The Philosophical Inventor

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My dad’s name is Furney Eubanks. He was a ninety-one-year-old World War II veteran, business man and loving father. He lived in the small town of Trenton, N.C. He retired from his full-time occupation as an upholsterer at the age of 80.This is a trade he perfected for 43 years in his home-based shop. He lived a fascinating life. Since he has retired his projects have included, among other things, building a huge front porch with a roof, replacing damaged shingles on his home and working in his garden. Some of his inventions that we will be talking about in the upcoming weeks are; the tobacco harvester clip, the painter’s wheel chair, tool holder, roller pole button, paint can holder, pull behind lawnmower plow, the unique claw hammer, nutcracker, the easy mower, etc. These upcoming blogs will be the focus of his business and the personal philosophies he has come to develop over these past 91 years. There will be an intense focus on his life experiences especially as he progressed over the years in his pursuit of inventing things to make our lives easier. Each blog will feature a story about an experience in the development of an invention he created. After the story, the lessons taught will be listed under My Dad’s Philosophy. My desire is that you will learn from and appreciate my dad’s philosophy and you will reflect on your own life and hopefully grow from my dad’s stories. My dad passed away on May 1, 2018. May his legacy live on. Your comments are welcome. 

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