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Maintaining Balance in Our Life

It's never too late to make positive changes

· financial,social


I have been enlightened by the many definitions of success. In my upcoming book I am going to share with you examples and stories of how to become successful spiritually, mentally, socially, financially, and physically in your life. I will be sharing with you things I did in these areas that didn’t work and things that did work.  Keep in mind that success is many things to many people. One definition of success to many is having more money to buy the things they have always wanted. There are people who base their entire life being measured by how successful they become as related to a certain dollar amount in their bank account. We have read many stories of people who certainly acquired a large sum of money but who also during the process lost the people in their lives who seemed to matter most. They were willing to sell out their family for fortune by focusing too much time on pursuing material gain and in the meantime neglecting to give much needed time to their loved ones. The question arises, in the long run were they successful overall? It appears to me the answer to that question is no.  

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with making money. That is one of the elements in my upcoming book that I am going to teach you how to become successful in. We have to earn a living. There is certainly nothing wrong with working hard, making money, and providing for your family. In fact there are certain seasons in our lives as it relates to our career in which we have to work extra hours to pay our bills and get the job done. Unexpected expenses come along which will force us to work long hours for extended periods of time. During this time we should talk with our loved ones and explain what’s going on. My point is we should strive for balance in the five elements of success. We don’t want to sacrifice our relationship (socialelement) with others at the expense of making money (financial element). The point is - to be totally successful we must strive to have all 5 elements of success working in harmony with each other. Maintaining balance is important. 

Some people view success in terms of their health. If they are healthy they are successful. What happens when they come down with some sort of harmful disease? Or when they are no longer able physically to pursue their current occupation which so many people acquire their self-worth from.  Are they no longer successful? How about people who view success as floating along in the world, minding their own business and having a job which affords them the means to pay the bills? They never really take any risk by pursuing other career options. The job pays their expenses but never really satisfies that gut feeling inside of them that has faded in time but still haunts them with this question: Am I doing what I was called to do? Am I really living out my passion in life? Am I stuck in a job I don’t really like? Am I too afraid or just too lazy to put in the extra work to make a change? Do I keep asking myself what if? What if I had just spent an extra hour or two a day going back to school online to get the education and training to learn how to pursue that occupation that I have always dreamed of working in? How would my life be different today?

What if I had stepped out in faith and took that other job opportunity? Where would I be now? Remember to strive for balance in your life. It’s never too late to make positive changes.