• My Dad, The Smartest 7th Grader on Earth


    "My dad inspired me to write this book. I started taking notes in April of 2007 of our experience in Tampa, Florida

    auditioning for The American Inventor Show as a keepsake to record memories to refer to later when I read to my grand-

    children and tell them about the life of their great granddad. At the time, I just wanted a record of our experience as a father

    and his adult son taking a week out of their life to go on an adventure together. What an adventure it turned out to be. The

    notes I took of that adventure started to evolve into a book after my dad retired. He retired at the early age of eighty which

    for him was a mistake.


    He should have cut back to a couple days a week. I started noticing a few years later that he was

    starting to lose some of his drive and motivation because he wasn’t keeping busy pursuing another invention. That’s when I

    made the decision to record the story of his creativity, perseverance and the adventures he experienced throughout the

    years in his endeavor of inventing things. The goal then was to write a book in which he and I could take a trip down

    memory lane together to revive his momentum. The good news is I was involved in most of his inventions and had

    firsthand knowledge of the experiences. I was able to read him half of the manuscript before he passed away on May 1st

    of this year.


    The goal now is for his legacy that I talk about in the book to live on. I think we are losing a lot of the

    common-sense values and work ethic that people in my dad’s generation possessed. Today, we need good role models

    and examples like my dad to follow. Plus, I have always wanted to write motivational and self-help material. I got in the

    habit in years past as a toastmaster to write out my speeches. I had written many speeches on my dad and his inventions

    throughout my years as a toastmaster. I have kept all the speeches I have ever written. I was able to weave in a lot of

    what I had written in the speeches into this book. I organized the book in time sequence order starting in 1956 with

    his first invention and ending in 2013 with the final presentation of his last invention." - Randy

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    My Dad, The Smartest 7th Grader on Earth

    The story of a businessman, World War II veteran and most of all a loving father who enjoyed making people’s lives easier through his inventions. Randy takes the reader through the journey of the hopes and disappointments that were experienced during the process of the developing and marketing of various inventions by his father and himself. His father's motto was, “I never give up, next"! Even though his formal education was limited because of work responsibilities on the farm, Randy's father owns 5 patents in the Washington, D.C. Patent Office.

    Not bad for a seventh-grade education!


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